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Are you ready for some thoughtful discussions about how to meet and exceed the rigors of today's retirement industry? Join host Tom Lamendola, Chief Marketing Officer for Financial Independence Group, for a deep dive into the demands of today's retirement industry.

Each episode, Tom will lead a thoughtful discussion with leaders in the financial arena to create a unique show that's designed to serve both financial professionals and everyday investors.

Financial Independence Group (FIG) has been a leader in the financial services space for more than 40 years. Tom Lamendola joined FIG in 2017 and has been responsible for growing high performing teams and challenge organizations to reach their potential for more than 15 years.

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Oct 6, 2023

Welcome back to the Retirement Inside Out podcast! Today are joined by FIG’s Talent Solutions team to talk about generational differences in the workplace and the changing landscape of talent acquisition. Tune in as we chat with Lori Miller and Alex Batdorf about how to effectively identify, attract, and retain next generation talent for your independent financial professional or financial services firm.

The conversation covers various aspects of hiring and working with the next generation of talent, including their unique communication styles, preferences for transparency in compensation, and the importance of flexibility. We also discuss the evolving expectations candidates have during interviews, such as the need for clear salary discussions and the impact of technology on the hiring process.

Join us for valuable insights into talent strategy in the ever-changing landscape of the financial services industry!


Here’s some of what we discuss in this episode:

  • Business owners and hiring managers need to adapt to changing times and evolving generational expectations. The job market has shifted, and businesses should evolve their talent strategies accordingly.
  • Next-gen talent, in particular, values open communication about salary, benefits, and expectations.
  • The younger generation values flexibility in their work arrangements. Having the option for remote work, flexible hours, or mental health days can be a significant attraction for them.
  • Next-gen workers are comfortable with technology, and they expect companies to provide up-to-date tools and systems. Outdated technology can deter them from considering a job opportunity.
  • Employers should think about ways to retain their current employees. Addressing issues like salary competitiveness, growth opportunities, and benefits can help prevent valuable employees from seeking new opportunities elsewhere.


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