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Are you ready for some thoughtful discussions about how to meet and exceed the rigors of today's retirement industry? Join host Tom Lamendola, Chief Marketing Officer for Financial Independence Group, for a deep dive into the demands of today's retirement industry.

Each episode, Tom will lead a thoughtful discussion with leaders in the financial arena to create a unique show that's designed to serve both financial professionals and everyday investors.

Financial Independence Group (FIG) has been a leader in the financial services space for more than 40 years. Tom Lamendola joined FIG in 2017 and has been responsible for growing high performing teams and challenge organizations to reach their potential for more than 15 years.

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Jul 28, 2023

Welcome back to the Retirement Inside Out podcast! In today's episode, we are joined by the Chief Investment Officer at Alphastar Capital Management, a member of the FIG operating system, Tony Parish, CFA, CQF. He’s here to share his half-time report with us today, providing valuable insights on the state of the market and more.

Tony will kick off this episode by sharing his analysis of the first six months of 2023, which have been vastly different from the challenging year of 2022. He discusses the strength of the US consumer, the decline in inflation, and the overall positive state of the labor market, providing reasons to be optimistic about the economic outlook.

With election day right around the corner, Tony cautions investors against making investment decisions based on political speculation and reiterates the importance of focusing on long-term strategies. The discussion also delves into the role of artificial intelligence in the financial industry. Tony highlights that AI can be a powerful tool to assist professional money managers but doesn't replace the human element of judgment, experience, and adaptability in investing.


Here’s some of what we’ll discuss in this episode:  


  • 2023 has been a positive surprise in the markets, with all segments performing well except commodities + The normalization of interest rates, and concerns about a recession. (2:59)
  • The likelihood of a recession in 2023 has decreased significantly + Updates on inflation and the Federal Reserve’s efforts to orchestrate a soft landing. (7:30)
  • Unemployment is close to a multigenerational low + The changing nature of work where flexibility and control are more normalized. (14:43)
  • Investors should not make investment decisions based on political beliefs or election outcomes. (19:13)
  • How might the increased use of AI impact the markets? (24:05)


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